• Novel Approaches to Drug Design and Development

    Drugs 2019 conference will have experts discuss on Novel Approaches in Drug Designing & Development. Abstracts are welcomed from broad move subjects from Drug planning, Drug Development, Drug Discovery, medicative chemistry, medicine, drug delivery systems, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, drug absorption and metabolism, pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis, together with factor delivery, pharmaceutical biotechnology, drug targeting, pharmaceutical technology, and clinical drug analysis. 

  • Chemical approaches in Drug Discovery

    Drugs 2019 summit can have aware and extremely current active scientific improvements in drug discovery associated technologies however additionally the management, industrial and regulative problems. Conference title talks by international consultants on important developments, reviews of key scientific and strategic problems, overviews of recent progress in specific therapeutic areas. Abstracts are welcomed from the below topics Novel therapeutic strategies, High-throughput screening, parallel synthesis, Combinatorial chemistry, Therapeutic targets and library design, Drug delivery, ADME/Tox, advances in Proteomics and Genomics , Automation and technology, Virtual chemistry Informatics, Business strategies in Clinical trials and other aspects of drug discovery.

  • Genomic Approaches to Drug Discovery

    Drugs 2019 will provide a platform to integrate the most recent development and ideas in the field of genomics and bioinformatics. Abstracts are invited on the broad areas of research such as Functional genomics, Evolutionary and comparative genomics, Genomic technology, Computational biology, Modern genetics, Epi-genomics, Genomic regulatory analysis, Medical Genomics, Genomic techniques, Cancer Pharmacogenomics, Clinical Pharmacogenomics, Drug Dosage Formulations, Drug Toxicity and Efficacy, Immune Disorders, Pharmaco-economics in Drug Development, Pharmacogenetics, Pharmaco-genomic Biomarker, Pharmacogenomics and Personalized Medicine, Pharmacogenomics Applications, Pharmacogenomics for Patient Care, Pharmacogenomics Future Medicine, Translational Medicine

  • CNS and Cancer Targeted Drug Discovery

    Despite the application of aggressive surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy in clinics, brain tumors are still a difficult health challenge due to their fast development and poor prognosis. Brain tumor-targeted drug delivery systems, which increase drug accumulation in the tumor region and reduce toxicity in normal brain and peripheral tissue, are a promising new approach to brain tumor treatments. Since brain tumors exhibit many distinctive characteristics relative to tumors growing in peripheral tissues, potential targets based on continuously changing vascular characteristics and the microenvironment can be utilized to facilitate effective brain tumor-targeted drug delivery. 

  • Structure-Based Drug Design

    Drugs 2019 gathering will overview the latest study on how drugs works, rational methods such as Structure-based drug design, Molecular approaches to optimization of Drug Delivery. Abstracts are welcomed on the below topics such as Structure-based drug design, Protein& Peptide drugs, Protein-protein interactions, QSAR, Molecular Modelling,  Pharma core Modelling, Target based design, Drug synthesis and metabolism, Medicinal Chemistry & Pharmacokinetics.

  • Computer-Aided Drug Design

    The Drugs 2019 provides expert talks on the theory and the application of computer-based methods in the analysis and design of molecules. Abstracts are invited on the following topics such as theoretical chemistry, computational chemistry, computer and molecular graphics, molecular modeling, protein engineering, drug design, general structure-property relationships, molecular dynamics, chemical database development, and usage.

  • Medicinal Chemistry

    Drugs 2019 Summit is persisting to be enhanced by the experts from a large spectrum of specialist areas, from chemoinformaticians and physical chemists to molecular biologists and pharmacologists. The most important abstracts are invited on the topics like Drug discovery technologies, Design, and synthesis of novel lead compounds, Computational approaches to synthesis and modelling, Biophysical techniques for structural characterization, Overviews of novel therapeutic methods and rising targets, Drug targeting, and delivery, ADME/Tox

  • Pre-formulation Study

    Pre-formulation studies are an important aspect for various stages of clinical trials & it is the 1st stem in the formation of the dosage form. Before the formulation of the pharmaceutical product, the pre-formulation studies are necessary. The main goal is to generate knowledge useful to the formulation in developing physicochemically & biochemically stable & bioavailable dosage form. The various pre-formulation study is – 1. Bulk Properties; 2. Polymorphism & Particle Size; 3. Hygroscopicity; 4. Aqueous Solubility; 4. Ionization Constant; 5. Partition Coefficient; 6. Drug Dissolution; 7. Drug Stability; 8. Drug Compatibility; 9. Half-Life of the drug; 10. Drug Absorption.

  • Clinical drug development

    Any drug development method should proceed through many stages so as to supply a product that's safe, efficacious, and has passed all restrictive needs. It is not a substitute for studies of how the drug can move with the physical body. “Clinical study” relates to analysing or trials, that area unit cleaned out individuals. As the developers style the clinical study, they're going to take into account what they require to perform for every of the various Clinical analysis Phases and start the Investigational New Drug Process, a process they must go through before clinical research begins.

  • Nanotechnology in Drug Delivery

    Pharmacological and therapeutic properties of drugs is driving the revolution in novel drug delivery systems. Highly efficient drug delivery, based on nanomaterials, could potentially reduce the drug dose needed to achieve therapeutic benefit, which, in turn, would lower the cost and/or reduce the side effects associated with particular drugs. Nanomaterials are poised to take advantage of existing cellular machinery to facilitate the delivery of drugs. Nanoparticles (NPs) containing encapsulated, dispersed, absorbed or conjugated drugs have unique characteristics that can lead to enhanced performance in a variety of dosage forms. Nanoparticles are resistant to settling and can have higher solubility and improved adhesion to biological surfaces.

  • Drug Delivery

    Drugs 2019 conference will hold specific sessions on Drug Delivery. The presentations includes on the basic research, development, and application principles of drug delivery and targeting at molecular, cellular, and higher levels. Abstracts are welcomed from wide areas such as oral, pulmonary, transdermal and nasal parenteral, and modes of drug delivery. Conference topics are extended up to controlled release systems; microcapsules, liposomes, vesicles, and macromolecular conjugates; antibody targeting; protein/peptide delivery; DNA, oligonucleotide and RNA delivery.

  • Immunotherapy and Vaccines in Drug Delivery

    Vaccine could be a invention that produces immunity against a malady. Vaccines can prevent diseases and are very effective. Vaccine organizes the host system to stop virus will break the chain of transmission. Vaccines provide active and passive immunity. Vaccines are equipped of the entire disease-causing microorganisms or some of its components. Smallpox vaccine is the first success vaccine. Immunotherapy is that the action that uses sure elements of a person’s system to fight diseases like cancer.

  • High throughput Technologies and RNAi Screening

    RNA interference (RNAi) facilitates the assessment of gene function by silencing gene expression using synthetic anti-sense oligonucleotides or plasmids. It exploits a physiological mechanism that represses gene expression, primarily by causing the degradation of mRNA transcripts. In mammalian cells, physiological RNAi is primarily mediated by non-protein-coding RNA transcripts, known as microRNAs (miRNAs). miRNAs are produced in a similar manner to mRNAs, but miRNAs are processed into shorter RNA species containing a hairpin structure, known as short-hairpin RNAs (shRNAs).

  • Pharmacokinetic & Pharmacodynamics Study

    The word Pharmacokinetic is that what the body will with the medicine and reciprocally Pharmacodynamics is that what the medicine does with the body. Both are a very common term of pharmacology. Pharmacokinetics consist of – 1. Absorption of the drug molecule by specific body membrane; 2.Distribution of the drug to the organ and systemic circulation; 3.Metabolism of the drug molecule and addition to the plasma membrane; 4.Excretion of the unused or excess drug or residue through pee or stool. The above 4 processes collectively called as ADME. Apart from that, another one term is there that’s known as bioavailability that is outlined because of the quantity of drug obtainable when absorption to figure within the body and introduce into the systemic circulation.

  • Pharmacovigilance and Drug Safety

    Pharmacovigilance (PV) is outlined because of the science and events with reference to the detection, assessment, understanding, and hindrance of adverse effects or the other drug-related drawback. WHO established that one Programme for International Drug observation in response to the sedative-hypnotic disaster detected in 1961. The purposes of PV are to strengthen patient care and patient safety in relevancy the employment of medicines; and to support public health programmes by providing reliable, balanced info for the practical appraisal of the risk-benefit profile of medicines.

  • Drug Efficacy and Toxicology

    Drugs 2019 summit will be an international program for acknowledging the original scientific study and opinions on mechanisms of toxicity associated with exposures to foreign chemicals. The goal of the conference is to advance the present understanding of the mechanisms of toxicity, particularly as it relates to human health. Special discussions are on human exposures that contribute to safety evaluations and risk assessment choices. The abstracts area unit invited on the topics like up to date problems in pharmacological medicine, safety assessments, novel approaches to toxicological testing, mechanisms of toxicity, biomarkers, and risk assessment

  • Protein and Peptide Drugs

    Drugs 2019 event will have conversations on all major aspects of protein and including structural studies, peptide research, and advances in function, recombinant expression, synthesis, immunology, enzymology, molecular modelling, and drug design. Abstracts are invited in various topics such as Structure Studies, Advances in Recombinant Expression, Drug Design, Chemical Synthesis, Immunology, Protein Engineering, Sequencing, Molecular Recognition, and protein Sequencing.

  • Anti-Infectives

    Anti-infectives is a general term used to describe any medicine that is capable of inhibiting the spread of an infectious organism or by killing the infectious organism outright.

    This term encompasses antibiotics, antifungals, anthelmintics, antimalarials, antiprotozoals, antituberculosis agents, and antivirals.

  • Bioavailability and Bioequivalence

    Bioavailability is an elementary estimate device since it decides the right measurements for a non-intravenous organization of a medication. In clinical analysis initiations, the bioavailability of a medication is a key factor to be estimated in Phase 1 and Phase 2 of clinical trials. Bioequivalence is a term in pharmacokinetics won’t to review the conventional in vivo organic equality of 2 exclusive arrangements of drugs. On the off accidental that 2 things area unit same to be bioequivalent it implies that they might be relied upon to be, in every practical sense, the same. The objective of such examination is to assess the soothing similarity of tried medications.

  • Herbal Novel Drug Delivery

    There are varied blessings of exploitation flavoured medication like – No facet effects, a lot of Effectiveness, Lower value accessibility. Novel drug delivery overcomes the limitation of ancient drug delivery systems. We have a vast science of Ayurveda but the methods of administration we follow are outdated now. A combination of novel drug delivery technology medication could facilitate in increasing the therapeutic impact and decreasing the adverse effects of assorted flavoured formulations. So it's vital to integrate a unique delivery system and Indian flavourer medicines to combat several diseases.

  • Global Market & Pharmaceutical Formulation

    Currently, North America has exceeded the entire continent in phases of novel drug delivery market in cancer research with a business share of around 38%. Due to excellent research & development in the field of drug delivery system, the exceptional adoption rate of new technologies, helpful reimbursement policy – North America has surpassed all the continents in terms of market share. Europe too exists the 2nd spot with a very particular market share of around 29% due to a large amount of the cancer patient, expansion of clinical research facilities, awareness & the novel therapy to the cancer patient.

  • Pharmaceutical Business and Market

    Pharmaceutical Corporation is ideal for understudies keen on catching in the business and administration side of social insurance and the pharmaceutical business. It gives a brief focus on the initial normal sciences, joining organic and pharmaceutical science coursework by promotion and general management thinks about. The program prepares trainees for a collection of professions, including pharmaceutical deals; human services and well-being data administration; nourishment, medication and therapeutic gadget industry administrative perceptions; and drug store dispersion frameworks improvement and usage. Every so frequently called Medico-marketing or Pharma Marketing in some countries. It is the business of advertisement or else promoting the sale of pharmaceuticals or drugs. Developments of new technology in recent years help in promotion. Pharmaceutical companies investigate online marketing as an alternative method to reach physicians, their clients.

  • Biomarkers & Diagnostics

    Drugs 2019 Conference would be a unique platform for that includes scientific displays on biosensors, biomarkers and alternative molecular approaches concerned within the prognosis and identification of diseases. The scope of medication congress 2019 would be extremely targeted on analysis, development, clinical applications, screening the molecular and cytology pathways of diseases, and comparative advantage over typical nosology. The novel biosensors and biomarkers targeted nosology

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